This blog has very little content, but I’m not new to blogging at all. In fact I’ve been publishing my thoughts and ideas online for a few years now. The only problem is that I’ve got tired of it. I don’t mean blogging. I mean writing posts.

I can hear you ask “What is the difference?”. Well… I was using Wordpress. This software is great for blogging, but sometimes I wanted more. I wanted to insert my code into pages, create custom themes and extensions etc. Of course with tools like Heroku I could host my own instance of Wordpress and create themes or extensions myself, but I don’t really like PHP and Wordpress theming is not something I wanted to learn.

Then there is also Vim. After I started using it I really didn’t want to edit text in the browser ever again. Creating content with online editor wasn’t (and still isn’t) the best way to spend your evenings - especially if you hit Esc key all the time…

So I stopped blogging. I liked to share the ideas and get feedback from readers, but I needed some motivation to get that going again - and Wordpress wasn’t helping with that ;)

The repair program

I’ve started developing my own blog with Scala and Play Framework. You can view it’s source code on my GitHub. While doing that I’ve learned a lot of Scala. It was great experience and I’m very happy that I did that! But when the page was up and running - I still didn’t want to write posts because the editor was even worse! Posts had to be written in Markdown so I could edit them locally (using Vim) and then copy the text to the page. I wasn’t happy with that solution either.


Lately I’ve decided to check out what are GitHub Pages. This was the best idea I’ve had for a while :) Through that I discovered Jekyll. I wasn’t aware that there exists something like static page generator. It turned out to be perfect solution for me!

Now I can create my posts and pages using any editor I want and any markup language I like. Content is versioned in git repository. Pages are hosted by GitHub and deployment is as easy as pushing changes to remote branch. That’s just perfect :)

The language

If you checked out my previous blog you may have noticed that I used my native language there. I decided to change that because English has just bigger audience. Watching page statistics I’ve discovered that some Google searches got foreign people to my page and the content could probably help… if they could read them :)