If you’re like me you probably like to make your life easier wherever and whenever it is possible. I also like to pick up the gauntlet and try something new and challenging. This is why I started to use Vim.

I’m a professional programmer. I’m paid to edit code. No wonder why I wanted my editing to be quicker and easier. I knew that Vim has it’s worshipers even though it’s very old so I thought there must be something great about it. I’ve started to learn the Vim ways.

Now - about a year later I can tell you don’t use Vim if you like your job! Assuming, of course, that your job has something to do with computers and editing text ;) You can ask me…


I’ve been using Vim for a year now I can edit text quickly and easily. I rarely have to reach out with my hands even for the cursor keys - not to mention grabbing a mouse.

What is wrong then? Well… I can’t edit text or code with anything other than Vim now. Literally every other editor is just simple useless notepad to me! Thankfully vast majority of editors support Vim-Mode editing. Honestly I was surprised with how many programs allow you to edit content like Vim. The only problem is that Vim is huge. It has hundreds of functions waiting for you to use them. Vim-Mode in most programs allows you to do only basic things.

For my job I use IntelliJ IDEA which (thanks to havens) have a plugin that enables Vim-like editing, and it’s actually quite good. It’s a whole lot slower than real Vim but I believe it’s a fair trade for features it provides. Actually I use IntelliJ IDEA for only three reasons:

  • auto completion,
  • organizing imports,
  • refactoring variable/method/class names.

In fact I could live without the refactoring, but it’s hard to give up auto completion… Trust me, I’ve tried…


To sum up. I’d recommend using Vim to everyone if only all editors had great support for it. Only problem is that if you get used to editing text the Vim-way you’ll never look at any other editor ever again. To be honest Vim was one of the reasons I’ve stopped writing on my previous blog. I just didn’t want to use this Wordpress’s online editor. I could never make the post look like I desired and it was just plain simple notepad. Believe me that I had to remove a lot of things like jjcip from the text…

TL;DR: If you are working with text - try Vim on your own responsibility. Vim will spoil you and you will never want to use any other editor!

See you! (and yes - I wrote this in Vim)