All this programs are very old! For my current creations please visit my GitHub page!

I’ve created tons of programs during my coding adventures. Unfortunately most of them wasn’t finished or wasn’t good enough to show it. In this section I’d like to present only a few of my programs.

Windows Manifest Utility

Windows Manifest Utility screen shot Little program that I made to create Windows manifest files and embedding them in the executable files. I used it only to make my C++ Builder programs look less like Windows 98 in Windows XP and newer.

Sprite Editor

Sprite Editor screnn shot Simple graphics editor to create small 2D game sprites. It was designed so it handles multiple layers, transparency and real big zoom in. It’s basically a little more advanced Paint :)

UO Macro

UO Macro screen shot I’m lazy. Even with games! I’ve created this tool to aid my playing the Ultima Online game. With this tool you can write a little scripts to make the repeating tasks bearable. It simply sends keystrokes and mouse clicks to the UO game window. I’ve added variables and delay support and that was all I needed at that time.

At that time there already was EasyUO. Unfortunately it didn’t work with the old game client that was required on the server I was playing.

The scripting language wasn’t very elastic. It was somewhat reminiscent to Assembler and PHP combined :)

Planner 8LO

Planner 8LO screen shot Download: Planner 8LO

I was in High School. The time table was available online. Before leaving to school I normally opened a browser and navigate to the page with the time table to check the books I had to take with me. I figured that a very simple program to load time table for my class at startup would be very nice (browsers start soo loong). In just a few lines of code I was able to make my life better :)

Ogame Transporter

OGame Transporter screen shot Download: OGame Transporter

In high school I’ve played OGame with my friends. Some tasks and calculations were repeatable. This tool was to help me quickly compute the amount of transporters to use when I wanted to transport the resources to another planet to build or research something there.

It only worked with Polish OGame and now it doesn’t work at all because of the GUI changes.

Dir Lister

Dir Lister screen shot Creates a list of files and directories in given directory. You can also filter the file extensions you want to have on the list. I guess I needed something like that at some point in my life :)


Coff2Omf screen shot This program was created as a GUI to Borland’s coff2omf tool. It converted the library files from Microsoft’s COFF format to Borland’s OMF format.


Numerologia screen shot Download: Numerology

My sister asked me to write the program to compute a simple algorithm from her numerology book. As it turned out - it was much more rewriting text from the book than actual coding.

It’s Polish only!

Color Palette

Color Palette screen shot Download: Color Palette

This program’s only purpose is to hold informations about colors. It might be useful to create customized color palette to use across your system. I personally used it with my Sprite Editor which is listed above.