I’ve started creating a lot of games in my life. Few of them were playable. There wasn’t to many games I actually finished. It is the path that was important - not the destination :)

Money Soccer

Money Soccer Screenshot Inspired with a game that we were playing at school desks I’ve created something like that in the virtual world. Rules are very simple. Each turn a player can use just one of the coins. He has to hit the coin so that it passes the line between the remaining two coins. If it does the player can do another move, but cannot use the same coin again. If the coin fails to pass the line between the remaining two - second player gets his move. Of course the goal is to score a goal :)


This is a classic Pong clone. It’s the first game that was finished enough so I can show it to the world:)

I’ve published the game at Polish gamedev forum. Unfortunately I don’t have any working copy of the game or it’s code. Not even a screen shot…